Help Wanted

Trash Collector

The Association is looking for a responsible teen/adult for trash pick-up.  The position requires walking around the 4 residential streets, park and parking lots of the community to pick up papers, wrappers, and obvious debris; than properly disposing of it in a waste receptacle.  The position requires 1-2 hours per week and a strong dedication to keep the community clean. Compensation is minimum wage.   Ad will be deleted when the position is filled.   The position is only available to a resident of Country Meadows HOA. 

Community Handyman

The Association is looking for an experienced Handyman to undertake and oversee routine maintenance and repairs to the common areas of the community.  Applicant must possess 3-5 years well-rounded experience in construction; such as electrical, plumbing, heating/air, painting, cleaning, hauling, etc.  Applicant must also be reliable, dependable, possess pride in workmanship, and possess truck and tools.  The position requires direct communication with Management and the Board of Directors; Applicant must be fluent in English both oral and written. Compensation is determined by Annual Budget and shall be based on experience, estimated (monthly) hours, general maintenance tasks and requirements.  Posting will be deleted when position is filled. 

Commercial Cleaner

The Association is looking for a regular experienced commercial cleaner to clean the recreation buildings and restrooms.  Position requires vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, scrubbing, sanitizing, removal of cobwebs, windows, etc.  Individual(s) must be comfortable bending & stooping, climbing a 6′ ladder, and have ability to lift 15-25lbs. Compensation depends on experience but shall not exceed $250 total per cleaning.  Posting will be deleted when position is filled.  Position is only available to a resident of Country Meadows HOA. 

If you are interested in any of the listed positions, please fill out the form below and specify the position you are interested in.