Parking Permit Registration Form

Parking Permit Registration


A Parking Registration Form must be completed for each vehicle that you wish to obtain a parking permit for. At the link below, please print the appropriate number of forms to support all your vehicles.

Complete the form(s) according to the line items, clearly noting the driver/owner information, as well as, the vehicle information.

Mail the form(s) along with a copy of your current vehicle registration as issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, for each vehicle to receive parking permit. Parking Forms without DMV registrations will be rejected and returned.

A copy of the each parking registration form will be returned to you with each issued parking permit attached. This will assist you in knowing with parking permit is for which vehicle.

Please understand that a parking permit will not be issued without a completed Parking Registration Form and a copy of the vehicle’s current DMV registration.

You may enclose multiple forms and copies in the same envelope.