Responsibilities and Obligations of Property Owners

CMHOA is a HomeOWNERS association.  We do not advocate or encourage property owners to rent and/or sublet their properties.  Should a Homeowner elect to do so, it is of their own choosing and without obligation and/or responsibility of CMHOA.

As a HomeOWNERS assocation, CMHOA possess no obligation nor legal responsibility to communicate and/or negotiate with Tenants.   It is the sole responsibility of the Homeowner to maintain their property and the occupants thereof.    Should a Homeowner be negligent in educatiing their Tenant(s) of the CC & R’s and Rules & Regulations that govern our community, CMHOA may intervene and impose disciplinary action and/or fine.   All fines and fees are the responsibility of the property owner and fully reimbursable to CMHOA.