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Welcome to Country Meadows Homeowners Association! We are a cozy community consisting of 55 units, located in the city of Bakersfield, California.

What exactly is an HOA or Homeowner Association?

Who benefits from an HOA?

Who is required to have an HOA?

What kind of services does an HOA provide?

What is an HOA or Homeowner Association

An HOA or Homeowner Association is a legal entity created to manage and maintain the common areas of a community. Typically these “common areas” consist of things like pools, clubhouses, landscaping, parks, streets and roads.

HOAs can consist of single family homes, condominiums, or town homes and are typically setup by the original developer of the community with a set of rules called “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions” otherwise known as “CC&Rs”.

One of the primary functions of the HOA is enforce and ensure that these “CC&Rs” are adhered to by the individual homeowners. The guiding principals of these regulations are normally to help maintain property values and the quality of life within the community.

What are the common Attributes of an HOA

  • HOAs are normally non-profit corporations with a set of bylaws and the authority to enforce those bylaws, including things like architectural and design standards.
  • Membership is mandatory for all property owners.
  • Mandatory monthly dues are normal and periodic special assessments are not uncommon.
  • There is an elected board of directors (BOD) who consist of volunteer homeowners.
  • HOAs hire representatives (usually picked by the board of directors) to do things like maintenance and repairs, bookkeeping, and dues collection.
  • Home Owner Associations often have a Website to communicate effectively with their members.

Typical Services Performed by a HOA

  • Collect monthly dues from homeowners and maintain financial statements.
  • Enforce the deed restrictions or CC&Rs for things like: exterior home improvements, general exterior condition of property such as paint, how properties can be used, and even noise control.
  • Maintain landscaping in the common areas.
  • Maintain recreation facilities such as clubhouses and pools.
  • Provide security services.
  • Organize activities and meetings for residents.

Before Buying a Home in an HOA community

  • Thoroughly read and examine the CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations that govern the community and make sure you can live with and abide by them.
  • Find out what the monthly dues are and make sure you can afford them.
  • Find out if a reserve study has been done for repair or replacement of major common-area components, such as swimming pools, decks, asphalt surfaces, concrete areas, fencing, monument signs and roofs and how the reserve requirements are funded.
  • Determine the last time and how often dues have been raised.
  • Find out if there are any special assessments pending.